LFP’s year-starter: A pre-debut shoot

For the benefit of our non-Filipino readers, Pinoys coined the term “Debut” to reference our traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration for young women. The occasion is somewhat reminiscent of the Latin American Quinceañera, although instead of celebrating the girl’s 15th birthday, the debut celebrates a young woman’s 18th birthday, the age of maturity in the Philippines.

It was a great feeling for me to kick-start my year with a fab shoot. My clientele, a Fil-Canadian young lady, came home to celebrate her 18th birthday here in PH. Although, this shoot was not entirely under LFP’s control as First Wings, Inc. managed and planned the entire event. That being said, the theme and conceptualization was not my sole idea since we have an Art Director (well, sort of) and an Event Coordinator in the pack. Cool aye?

All preparations are in place, and all is well – until a gloomy and rainy weather taunted our spirits the day before the shoot. It sprinkled all day which hid that lovely sunshine aback, this made us re-draw the concept (and get approval) at the very last minute. Personally, I was a bit disappointed on the idea of shooting indoors as my mind (and heart) was already set to capture stills of fine young lady, brightly lit by the golden Sun. The weather did not improve even on D-Day, sadly, and so we went indoor on the first part of the shoot.



But right after we ate our lunch, the Sun peeked a little bit which gave as a boost to push the outdoor concept we initially planned. Our team rallied to Tagaytay, two cars for the photo and video team including our Event Coordinator and Art Director. We arrived at the location around 35 minutes past 4 o’clock and the weather is back on its gloomy mood and started to drizzle again. The sky is light gray, and the cold fog in our location made it even worse. I took quick snaps of the debutante while we were in a Wooden Hut to find shelter.


I may not achieved the “theme” I had in mind, but I’m glad it all worked fine. LFP will still cover the Debut celebration on the 19th of January and so the work (or should I say, sideline) continues. Cheers!



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