La Influencia

Everyday, I try my best to allot a figment of my time (usually before I go to sleep) to check photography sites to see wonderful shots of other photographers around the globe. Behance and 500px are my go-to sites since both of them are very easy to use and are largely populated by fantastic photographers and artists alike. Although it is substantial for photographers to find their ‘niche’ in terms of photographic style and composition, I find it endearing to see photos treated and styled similar to my taste. I’m gladly enlisting the names (and their sites) of some of the photographers whose works I truly adore. It gives me a feeling of motivation, a sort of ‘magical touch of inspiration‘ by merely looking at their crafts. Some of them I am following for more than 3 years now, that’s how I love their photographs. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at their folios as much as I do.

Emily Soto (
Julia by Emily Soto

Brenda Waworga (
November Air by Brenda Waworga

Erin Wallis (
Wedding by Erin Wallis

Anne Lorraine Uy (
Requiem for a Dream by Anne Lorainne Uy

Jaime Ibarra (
Tell This Story by Jaime Ibarra

Photomeca (
My Love by Photomeca

Lovely aren’t they? I chose a catchy image off their portfolios to somehow give you an idea on how creative they are.

PS: All the photos presented above are properties of the photographers whose names are scribbled above. They are not, in any way, affiliated to Little Frog Prince.


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