Canon’s “Outside Auto” Site

Our good friends from Canon Canada created this cute yet very informative site that will teach people the hard basics of Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO: the Trifecta of Exposure. The site is divided into three parts, namely Learn, Play, and Challenge – beautifully crafted for anyone who wants to learn more about photography “away from the Auto” that most people use. It includes a petite Photography 101  that explains (albeit in a concise manner) Exposure, setting the mood, and selecting focus. Tips are also included in case you’re looking for one.


Play section lets you manually set the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO and see how your photo will look like. The output will then be placed on the bottom timeline so you can have the opportunity to compare each of your shots. The challenge part is fun, I for one enjoyed it as you have to achieve the goal as fast as you can – Time Attack!

In my perception, Canon acknowledged the increasing figures of their entry-level DSLRs and so to give people who are just starting in Photography, they created such a site. So if you’re  interested, go ahead and visit now!


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