Welcome Twenty-Fourteen!

It has been a roller coaster ride for me and my family last year. We have been to several downward slopes that shattered our hearts deeply. My Dadu passed away last August after a long battle against heart disease. He fought hard, along with his ever-empowering faith to our Almighty God. His memory will forever be in our hearts – full of happy thoughts that we will cherish very dearly. After a few months, our close family friend, Kuya Diony as we call him, joined my Dad in Heaven. We will truly miss them, badly.

But life doesn’t just give sad thoughts, there were happy ones to be thankful for. Little Frog Prince Creative Studios was born last January 2013, hurray! Opening a window for me to express my love for photography, and giving me another channel to earn. I will continue to push LFPCS to greater heights, with the help of my photography peers and loved ones. I am still working on improving this site (more on this below) for me to share my wonderful journey of photography.

And so for 2014, I ought to begin my weekly photo-diary. Though this can be hard at times (as I am also working as a full-time Senior Software Analyst for one of the largest technology consulting firm in the Philippines), I will try my best to save stills worth sharing and upload it on my Flickr account. Eventually, that will be fully integrated with this site for seamless browsing.

Here are some of my goals for this blog:

1. Integrate my Flickr account for the presentation of photos.
2. Remove my Behance portfolio and transfer all to Flickr (currently re-working my photos).
3. Update the layout to be “responsive” (to non-techies, this means mobile-friendly layout for phones and tabs)
4. Integrate my Instagram for my casual photograph shares.

Let us all welcome 2014 with a bang! Happy New Year (of the Wooden Horse)!


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