It’s about T-I-M-E

I have almost abandoned this blog of mine, leaving it in solitude since early this year. Practically being swamped by other things (err, work primarily) and not being able to post [and share thoughts with you guys] is definitely a no-no. So, being one of the vicious frogs out there, let me renew the spirit of my pond and allow me to catch-up with you guys.

As some of you might already know, November is my birth month. And that being said, I have planned something personal to accomplish before letting go of this year. I’ll be joining again with people I have previously worked with to accomplish a personal photography project I planned for early next month. Yes, I have too much packed this month so I have to push it to December. More time for me to arrange and organize the shoot, and prep-up for the look-and-feel I want to accomplish. I would certainly need to let the creative juice run again on my bloodstream – well, it’s about time.

I will surely post the details here real soon! I’m really excited to make this happen, aja! 🙂


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