Twenty Fifteen

I can describe my 2014 as smooth yet steady (with occasional bumps and detours, of course) both in my personal and career life. My photography and blogging were sidetracked immensely, and I’ve got to get back on track as it felt like I’ve lost a great deal of something in me. I am very optimistic with 2015 though (and everyone should too!) and will totally embrace changes in my lifestyle as long as I see them practical, logical, and most importantly – appropriate. I am now sitting at the edge of my twenties, I cannot lie about that (though I wanted to stop counting at 22, lol) and such decisions and happenings are inevitable. I’ve been a laid back dude all this time and there’s something in me telling that it’s about time I move out my comfort zone and expand my horizons. I’ve got high hopes for myself and my family this year, some are too ambitious, while some aren’t. And with that, I have listed some of my goals for this year! I’d like to keep this a part of my annual ritual so I may revisit the things I’ve planned and check if I was able to achieve them a year after.

1. I need to start drawing my Life’s Pyramid clearer with boundaries well-defined: Career – Personal Life – Business. I just feel like at this point in my life, establishing several sources of income is a must! Having a great career isn’t enough, earning monthly salary and being able to cycle it in such a way that the money I earned from my career generates another wave of income is what I utterly require. I want to establish my own camp, and with God’s grace, be able to transform it to a self-sustaining asset.

2. In connection with no. 1, I basically aim to even-out my liabilities column to my assets column. This one requires a lot of work, practical and imaginative thinking. Supporting a family and living in a costly environment will make this point even harder, (Err, I bought a brand new car to start-off this year’s liabilities lump!) but I’m not letting myself be intimidated by these factors.

3. Shoot More, Blog More! – last year was a deep dive to both my photography and blogging shindigs. I definitely want to keeping these wheels rolling this year.

4. See a better picture of what life is! Faith and Personal reflection, that is.

5. Travel! I know, I know. This will badly hurt my savings and will jeopardize my no. 1 and no. 2 goals. But local travel and road trips shouldn’t hurt that much, and I feel it will help my no. 4 goal too. In fact, I am very optimistic I can make this work on a regular basis. I just need to cut off my unnecessary expenditures!

So there we go, I’ll revisit this list by end of 2015 and see if I made improvements! Happy New Year, amigos!


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