Revisiting Calaguas

I really can’t believe that it has been (a tad less than) two years already since our last visit to the island. I blogged about it, and if you have not read it yet – you may do so by clicking here. Several ‘kubos(Nipa huts) were added probably to accommodate visitors, setup stores, or anything that can generate income for the locals. It particularly lessen the impact of the once virgin beach, in my honest opinion. Tons of tourists visited the island for their summer retreat, I think a couple (or more) companies took the Calaguas bundle for their team building activities – and thus, making the area jam-packed. The heat is so intense I can’t bear to walk along the coast and take photos. Plus, I wasn’t able to take landscape shots since hundreds of people were basically enjoying the beach which prevented me to have a nice and clean view of what’s in front of me. I decided to put my camera down and enjoyed the view with my own eyes instead. The overall experience is satisfying nonetheless. Calaguas, after all, is a paradise!

(below images are compressed by WordPress to fit the layout, click for better quality)






And this is how it looks like while I was trying to boot a shoot, this was at the leftmost section of the island already:



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